Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We like to call it "saving objects from landfill"

I went trash picking with a friend a few weeks ago. It was Large Object Waste Pick-up Day in a richie rich suburb near us, and man, did we have fun. I ended up with:

Lego table
2 high-end tomato towers
6 regular tomato towers
Tricycle (red, vintagey-looking)
wrapping paper (new in package)
2 5-gallon plastic buckets
red metal planter, other plastic planters
2 t-ball stands
wooden footstool
2 sets of BrainQuest
light saber (red)
assorted small toys
rocking fish ride-on toy
pink baseball cap
picnic basket
Halloween signpost decoration

The piece de rĂ©sistance was a pineapple chimenea. We’ve already used it 3 times, while reclining on our new (actually purchased at a store) patio lounge set. It has transformed our outdoor living space into a thing of beauty.

My friend got a beautiful plastic playhouse for her daughter’s backyard fun and lots of other stuff. We had some trouble getting the playhouse into the minivan and ended up driving several blocks with the side door open. The plan was to drop those things off at a Safe Location and go back for more goodies. We had to jettison a hose reel to make room for the house, but we ended up finding it again on the way out of town, so it worked out perfectly.

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Steve said...

That's awesome! Need a pair of beater couches while you're at it?