Sunday, April 6, 2008

Grow your own

What a beautiful weekend! Spent the whole thing in the garden, doing spring clean-up and getting things organized for the growing season. Rhubarb is coming up. No sign of the asparagus yet. Got the compost added to the veggie garden. The cold frame set up with seed pots inside. Ended up having to make a drawing of where to put everything, since I kept adding to the list. Right now I have started seeds for butternut squash, zucchini, cucumbers, four kinds of tomatoes (little red, little yellow, plum, and brandywine), basil, parsley, cilantro, green beans, bell peppers, and kohlrabi. Boo and I put in the onion sets that she wanted, yellow and white. I bought my seed potatoes, but they are still on the kitchen counter. Spinach, bok choi, and peas should be started tomorrow. I’m thinking the universe is telling me not to grow bok choi. I can’t find last year’s seeds, and I accidentally flipped the new ones I bought behind the stove. So irritating.

We are rethinking our long-term compost plan. We have tons of trees on our lot, so we said, “Oh we’ll just make a few huge piles and let time break it down without having to do much. It’s lazy man’s compost! Everyone should do it!” Sadly, that lazy slut Mother Nature is not holding up her end of the bargain. We put kitchen scraps and brown material (leaves) in there, and we don’t have enough green material (grass clippings, which we leave on the lawn). So it just sits there. It’s a very bad sign when your compost pile is actually frozen on a warm spring day. So, we might start having our fall clean-up done professionally, so we don’t have to bag all our leaves, or store them in giant inert piles for years. We'll only have two 4x4 piles of compost. The good news? This frees up yet another large garden area behind the garage. I’m thinking the potatoes and zucchini will go back there this summer.

If there’s anything cuter than your 3 year old asking via sign whether she can go graze on your chives, I’m not sure what it could be.

Although Boo telling me she wants her own garden with “strawberries, little red tomatoes, spinach, and peas” is pretty close.


Steve said...

Awesome! The wife and I have done nothing yet except meet with a landscaper for the purty stuff we want to do out front. We have a small patch that would be great for vegis but she seems hesitant, so we may not be eating our own kill this fall.

And I made a compost bin from a plastic garbage can yesterday -- drilled many one-inch holes into it. Took forever, as the plastic discs I was creating as I drilled kept sticking to the spade bit....

arlopop said...

I built our compost heap two years ago as a three-sided container of concrete blocks (spaced for air) about three feet tall. It seems to work well but gets so hot that the worms just cook. The hot heap is too damned hot.