Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stupid Pull-ups

For some reason, the “girl” print of Pull-ups are sometimes cheaper than the “boy” print, at least at the Target where we shop. Girl, naturally means “stupid Disney princesses.” Boy means “Cars” (as in the movie).*

I hate Pull-ups. I think they are stupid. Nevertheless, we are using them now. I also hate spending money on disposable diapers. So, the first time we bought stupid Pull-ups, I bought the girl ones, because they were cheaper. Now that it’s time to buy another stupid package, I walked into the store knowing that I couldn’t do girl ones again, despite the very slight pleasure I felt at knowing they were going to be pee-soaked and possibly beshatted before they were discarded.

Nea loves the Cars movie. She was very pleased with our purchase. Even though she's a GIRL.

I haven’t purchased from this site, but I read about this really cool offer somewhere and thought I’d mention it. Try an assortment of cloth diapers for 21 days for $10. See details.

We are using the Imse Vimse training pants some of the time. Boy, we sure love potty training! We’ve been doing it since New Year’s with hardly any progress! It’s every parent’s dream! Ha ha! Ha ha. Heh.

*I just went to their web site, where they actually call them girl and boy prints, if you click to view the new pant graphics. How I loathe them.


arlopop said...

I would recommend the Fuzzi bunz. It's all we have used and are quite pleased.

Bluestem said...

I actually have 4 petite sized Fuzzi Bunz I'm trying to sell. Know anyone? No inserts, though.