Monday, March 31, 2008

You know, that thing we are involved in, over there

My poll on “What’s going on in Iraq now?” garnered the votes of
A war: 0
A U.S.-led occupation:3
A police action: 1
Other: 2

I asked the question because of a somewhat heated debate with my husband recently. Just today NPR used the word “war” again, referring to the Iraqi situation. CNN and the Chicago Tribune still use the term. I guess it’s just a handy shorthand, if incorrect.

So, you who voted “other,” please explain in the comments section. What is it?

1 comment:

Steve said...

I voted police action. The occupation ended by the end of 2003 -- if you have no control over a country, you aren't occupying it. (What's the green zone -- .1 percent of Iraq's land mass? Less??)

Now we're policing various factions that are in a civil war, bribing some not to shoot at us while siding with others in their knife fights.

Nasty little business all around. But at least we've held to Bush's vow not to engage in nation building. No, our sworn duty is to preserve disorder....