Saturday, March 8, 2008

Assistive Technology

At Easter Seals yesterday our speech therapist said, “What do you think about an Assistive Technology* assessment for Nea?”
I said, “Oh, I would be very interested in that.”
She said, “Lots of parents are against it because they think it’s giving up on the child ever being able to speak.”
I said, “Oh, no, not at all.” Then I walked down the hallway and tried not to cry.

So, we’ll see if it goes anywhere. I do think she is getting increasingly frustrated. As would we all, of course, if we were almost 4 and non-verbal.

* Which includes options such as:

  • Adaptive keyboards such as IntelliKeys USB Board, onscreen keyboards for alternate access via mouse control, etc.
  • Access options to all technology via items such as switches, joysticks, headpointers, etc.
  • Speech generating devices (SGDs) such as the Vantage/Vanguard II, DV4/MT4, Mercury, ChatPC II, Tango, TechTalk, BIGMacks, etc.
  • Software programs that help address literacy, writing, math and play.

[List lifted directly from Easter Seals]


arlopop said...

by the by, the first paragraph of this post rattled me with its simplicity and beauty. Not, of course, its subject - that broke my heart - but its purity.
I always try to thank other writers for showing me something I need to do better.
I thank other writers a lot. :)

Bluestem said...

Aw, shucks! Thank you very much.