Saturday, March 29, 2008

How walkable is your house?

How many errands can you do on foot, instead of driving? According to the Walk Score site, our house is a 75. ("70 - 90 = Very Walkable: It's possible to get by without owning a car.") I feel like that's a little low. For instance, I can walk to the post office, and that's not calculated in. On the other hand, under movie theaters we get credit for a psychic reading place. Not sure how that works, exactly. But here's another oddity: our closest coffee shop is not a Starbucks.

Bill Gates only gets an 11. Loser.

The white house gets a 94. But I bet they drive everywhere.


arlopop said...

Don't feel bad, we got a 66. I feel so low.

Steve said...

I guess we suck, with a mere 40.

Egads, even my parents' house scores out to a 51, and I think of our house much more highly in this regards. Is it because we deliberately bought a mere two blocks from a Metra stop so we wouldn't have to join the many who drive to the train each work day (or just plain drive into the city)?

Not listed on my score: the Pepperidge Farm plant right next to the train station. In a crisis, we'll still have crappy baked goods galore.

Anonymous said...

94 for me.


Anonymous said...

Laura gets 97. What the heck would she be missing?