Wednesday, March 26, 2008


If only we knew ahead of time which toys would get the most bang for each buck. So many dollars spent incorrectly. However, despite the expense of the sturdy wooden furniture, this is our best ratio of dollar to fun. Every day, and I mean it, every day, the dollhouse amuses, sitting up on the train table at a perfect height for redecorating and pretending.

The actual house was made by my sister-in-law for her grandmother, whom I never met. That SIL wanted to sell it at a garage sale at our house, marked $45, I think. I immediately set it to the side. Eventually my husband painted the interior white. My mom and I wallpapered, carpeted, tiled the kitchen floor, and installed a hardwood floor in the dining room. That night I went to a party and told some guy that I had remodeled a whole house in a day, har har! He was clearly impressed until I told him the scale of the project.

Workers of the world, unite! Or is it a religious meeting? There’s definitely something subversive going on.

Mouse relaxes in a nice bath

Where I sit and blog

The backyard and balcony garden, with infestation of giant frogs


arlopop said...

we both did posts about our houses :0

Anonymous said...

That desk space just doesn't work for me. You really need to add wee little piles of paper to make it more realistic. :)

Bluestem said...

Hmmm, Anonymous, I get the feeling we know each other ...

Anonymous said...

Good job on the remodel.

There is a store in Kirkland that specializes in dollhouse furniture. Plus, we have the train store for Nick.