Monday, March 10, 2008


Fun link for the day. Just let it load and give it a second.

Useful links for the day if you have a desire to search just blogs: Google blog search and Icerocket. Reading blogs is definitely my new addiction. What a fun way to waste the hour(s) that I'm not working, watching the kids, fighting with my sad and pathetic insurance company, or daydreaming.

Blogs I've been visiting for years:
Mimi Smartypants
Defective Yeti

Here's a few that I've been enjoying recently:
getting flak
French Laundry at Home
falling down is also a gift


arlopop said...

Thank you for the heads up on Falling Down. What a wonderful blog to read with a cup of coffee and some moments to reflect.

Kobold said...

If the French Laundry amuses you at all, go find a copy of "Service Included", a memoir by someone who served on the staff there. Good fun reading on the inside of the spendy-food business.