Friday, November 30, 2007

Time off and goofing off

Imagine my horror this week when my boss announced that we all needed to take extra vacation time in Q2. For me this means I need to take 3 weeks of vacation in the next 3 months. Ain’t that a bitch. Take extra vacation. Time away from my job. Still get paid, mind you. No, they insist! And what’s really awful is that I’ll still have extra vacation time, in case I need it. That’s life at BigCorp.

Probably everyone else already knows about the superiority of the Google home page ( I just heard about it and flung off my old Yahoo home page like, um, a new bride’s panties. Don’t you hate it when you can’t use a perfectly nice turn of phrase, just because you are the wrong gender? Anyway, I’ve tweaked it and arranged it and now it’s soooo perfect. I added some cool widgets (brain teasers – no, no, I’ll find the time, I’m sure) and removed others (Fox News? No, thanks.). Plus, I set my background to change with the time of day, with moonrise and all. It doesn’t seem to account for it being pitch black at 5 pm, but eh. Maybe it’s set for people who live on the equator. I mean, I typed in my zip code for the auto-weather feature. The least they could do is make it customized for my latitude.

If you haven’t already explored the magic of the Next Blog button, I strongly recommend it. See it there, at the top of this page? Next to the “FLAG BLOG” button? (Ignore that one.) The first time I tried it I landed on a Mary Kate and Ashley fan site in Swedish in 3 clicks! Tell me that’s not magical.


Anonymous said...

Funny, on my screen it says: Naechstes Blog, not next blog

Steve said...

There's you being cool again. Thanks for the Google homepage tip!

Adam said...

Funny... in only three clicks I ended up on a blog that was some woman with pictures of herself in a bikini. Felt dirty. You're a smut pusher!