Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Game more intellectual than Candyland

Just hanging on the tofa (that's what Boo called the couch/sofa when she still had a speech problem with K and hard Gs. So, that's T replacing the K sound of couch on the front of sofa) with Nea, who is sick.

Back when I was a naive parent I used to think "Gosh, Candyland is boring as hell, but for some reason I'll buy it anyway, as it appears important to child development in some way that is unclear." Now that I'm all smart and experienced, I think "Gee, there are so many better games out there. You just need to look around a little more." And, therefore, I just added Alpha Animals to Boo's wishlist. Looks like a game I can play without wishing for the sweet release Death will bring.

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