Sunday, November 18, 2007


Yowza, we are hosting for 18 people (including ourselves).

We are serving:
Mashed sweet potatoes
Mashed potato casserole
Corn pudding

Other family members are bringing:
Cheese and crackers, shrimp cocktails, other appetizers
Red cabbage
Homemade pickles

Green salad
Pumpkin pie, other assorted desserts

The two recipes I’ve never made before are the corn pudding and the mashed potato casserole. Did I test them this weekend? No. I believe in Life on the Edge, baby.

The first one will be a breeze, since Tish not only gave me the recipe, but will actually coaching me through the apparently not-so-difficult process in my own kitchen next Wednesday. The mashed potato casserole I also have a high vote of confidence in, as we have never had a flop out of the Cook's Country magazine (which I highly recommend, if you have a cook on your Christmas list). The point of the recipe is being able to make the dish the day before. So as of right now, it looks like Wednesday is going to be Hell Day, with Thursday being a relaxed day of wearing heels and pearls and laughing merrily at the standard family anecdotes. (Let’s practice now. “Ha ha ha.”)


Anonymous said...

That mashed potato casserole is delicious. The recipe in Cooks Country is easy to follow as well.
I like your blog so far. It has a nice range of topics.

Bluestem said...

Thank you for your comment! Glad to hear I'm on the right path.

UPDATE: Both the corn pudding and the mashed potatoes garnered high marks. Throwing the ham on the BBQ without first wrapping it in foil? Not recommended.