Thursday, July 2, 2009

My two great loves, together at last

It's my first year growing pole beans. I started them on the East-facing wall of the garage on some trash-picked trellis things from last year's haul. That N wanted to throw out ages ago. He put some eye hooks into the soffit and hung twine since the trelliseses weren't going to be tall enough. The question now is, do I seriously need to get a stepladder everytime I want to harvest?! I can see why bush beans caught on. Those soffits are 10 feet up and the beans are still climbing.

They sure are tasty, though. I have lazy housewife beans from my aunt and "magic" beans from my neighbors. They start green/purple but turn green when you cook them.

I also have yard-long (aka asparagus) beans, but they aren't doing a darn thing. Yet.

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