Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pop-up book

So, just for a little more explanation. You know how when you are knee-deep in shit you forget to explain the context? This is the context.

Nea can say the words: pop, up, and book. But if you ask her to say “Pop-up book” it all falls apart. That’s apraxia. Later, when she gets better at phrases, she’ll still fall apart when you ask her to say a sentence. And even later, when she learns to say a whole sentence, she’ll still fall apart when asked under pressure. Or when she’s asked to give an immediate reply.

It’s a little depressing.

A week ago we were in this great little store in a great little town. The shopkeeper gave each of us a penny and told us to make a wish and throw our coins into the fountain. I made my usual wish, but my penny bounced out. She said I could make another wish. And I got all teary. Another wish? I haven’t had another wish since Nea was 18 months old and started speech therapy.

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Anonymous said...

It's not nice to make me all weepy in the middle of the day. You should warn a girl about posts like that.

Love - Me