Monday, June 29, 2009

Week 2: Jog, Swim, Tennis

Total Jog: 2
Total Swim: 2
Total Tennis: 1

The heat index was over 100 nearly the whole week, so although there was talk of tennis, my friend and I decided we’d rather live. I did My Fitness Coach once, too. So, not ideal but not awful, considering the weather, how much overtime I worked, and a certain birthday party that needed to be organized and held. See? I have excuses! Those are pretty solid, right?

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Kate said...

Certain Birthday Parties count as exercise, at least in my book. Actually, triple exercise, since there's the cleaning-up to prepare, the actual event itself, and then the clean-up afterward. Especially in a heat wave. Did you (eek!) have to have the whole shindig inside?