Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh, how I love the smell of trashpicking in the morning

Y'all know how I love to get a bargain. And what beats free? Items listed clockwise from top left, more or less. Car not included in trashpick score. Which is too bad, but there it is.

Fancy unfinished display shelf. Will paint white and mount on wall.
Stair basket. Will hold things on stairs that need to go on the upper level of the house.
Small bench. Will hold houseplants on our front porch.
Orange pumpkin dish. Oven-proof, etc. but will probably serve as Halloween candy dish.
Braided rug. In amazing shape. I washed it and it looks great in the downstairs hall.
5 framed works of art. Will replace art with our kids’ art.
Various Polly Pocket toys, in carrier bag. Was big hit.
5 ugly textures plaster balls. Have already started painting them with the kids. See below.
Sesame Street toy box bus.
2 pair ice skates.
2 Lego tables. One with two sets of plates for Duplo or Lego blocks. One travel sized. Some Legos included.
Various balls.
Lego truck. Will use to store sidewalk chalk.
Various games.
4 magna-tiles.

Framed stained glass. Will fix chain and hang in front porch.

Basketball hoop, adjustable.Cozy coupe car. Will sell. Here's the second Lego table I mentioned earlier.

Stuff for our preschool. Popcorn tin, coloring books, toy bus, memory game, etc.

3 under-bed plastic storage containers.
Picnic bench.

See? Better already, and we haven't even started with the colors and glitter glue yet.

And this year’s coup de grace, to take its place next to last year’s coup de grace, this very large planter that we will turn into a water feature (fountain, plants, fish) on our patio. Will take back the smaller one we recently purchased for $100.

Not pictured: many items, including a really nice Craftsman rototiller, first aid kit, and Rubik’s cube. 6 hoses, soaker and regular. Also, all my friend’s stuff, including a really nice park bench. She also got some Harley Davidson exhaust parts to resell. Some beautiful solar garden lights that work, and on and on.


arlopop said...

good god what a haul!

Baywatch said...

holy effing kamoley. you are truly the high queen of refuse.

Bluestem said...

I keep wandering around the yard going, "Oh, I forgot to mention that in my list. Oh, that, too." Like the lemon twist ankle thing and a skateboard with a handle.

Steve said...

I so need a stair basket! I call dibs on the next one you score!!

Bluestem said...

Steve. You live in a split level. What are the odds I can trash pick 6 stair baskets? I'm good, but I'm not *that* good.

Steve said...

One will do, funny gal. One will do nicely.