Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our own Big Box of Words

Big, big news around here. After trying out two other communication devices (Dynavox 5 and PRC Springboard Lite), I went out on a limb and asked whether we could get one we didn’t test drive: the Vantage Lite. The school agreed!

It just so happens that Schuyler uses one (see video). We’re hoping for purple, though, not pink. Anyway, I am thrilled that we will have a new tool for Nea to learn on starting in August. It has a keyboard for her to spell out words. It has much better sound quality than her old Doorstop, er, Dynavox. And I don’t have to worry that she’ll outgrow it anytime soon.

Ah, happy times.


Kate said...

Huzzah! Huzzah! What fabulous news. I am absolutely delighted for Nea! (And I hope she gets the purple one!)

Anonymous said...

WooHoo! Very exciting news. Although I'm a big fan of purple. The green is also quite nice! Three cheers for Mommy Advocate!

your friend