Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The littlest blues brother

Here's Nea. It's apparently genetic, this ability to look good in any hat. She gets it from me.

Did I mention that the Vantage Lite just happens to be what Schuyler uses? Oh. I guess I did. But there's a brand new video on her dad's blog! Watch Schuyler order dinner using the same comm device we'll soon have.

And since you can see it in the background of the first photo, here's what happens when you trashpick a planter and turn it into a patio pond. We have 3 koi (Kabuki, Rockstar, and Snowball) and 2 goldfish (Stealth, who is brownish and hard to spot, and Little Bert, who is actually Ernie-colored). The plants are real, but the flower is fake.


Laura said...

She looks adorable in that hat! She was so cute that day when she went and got Adam a winter hat to trade. Thanks again for having us!!

Anonymous said...

Nea looks like a movie star in training. Love the glasses, love the hat. Could we continue this with Opa in an amish hat and fake beard?