Thursday, May 14, 2009

In which I expound the virtues of spring. Again.

Ah, spring. Springspringspring. You rock. I love you. I love your rhubarb, asparagus, new fresh leaves on the trees, your hostas rocketing out of the ground. Your flowers. Bluebells. Daffodils. Tulips. Hyacinths. Lilacs. The cute little seedlings lovingly planted and tended to.

Spring, did I mention I love you?

Ahem. Anyway. Back to asparagus. It’s been a good year for us, relatively speaking.

Isn’t it adorable, all purple and spikey? Then you steam it, and it turns green, boo hiss. But a little lemon off our Meyer lemon tree on top, and it’s quite enchanting.

1 comment:

Baywatch said...

since when do you have a meyer lemon tree?!