Thursday, January 1, 2009

Not bad for the Suburbs

I know I’m supposed to wax all nostalgic for 2008 here, or make predictions, or at least give thanks. But really, let’s get back to gardening, despite the Midwest winter.

We currently have 5 fruit-bearing trees* on our lot: an apple (came with the house – not in the best of health. But we have applesauce in the freezer, so it’s good enough for that), a peach (three years old – producing a small crop), a Russian quince (not yet producing, but grown to make the fruit leather that my Tante Helga sends us transatlanticly every year), a serviceberry (native species, much like a blueberry but without the ph soil requirements), and the newest, my Meyer Improved lemon. Granted, the last one is indoors (a Christmas present from my lovely husband) but still. Technically on our lot, right? It already has a few fruits hanging enticingly.

As I have mentioned before, we are shoe-horning in another 3 fruit trees when they arrive in the spring. A honeycrisp apple, red rome apple, and some sort of self-pollinating pear tree.

So, let’s pretend that eating more locally grown fruit is my number one resolution for 2009! Wow, I’m really nailing that one!

*I should say 5 “potentially fruit-bearing” since the quince might need another few years. And I’m sure the new trees will take awhile, too.


Baywatch said...

ah quince. that wonderful old world regulative of colonic dyspepsia.

and yes, you could give thanks. or make predictions. that would be nice.

Steve said...

Honeycrisp, you say? Yes, please!