Saturday, December 27, 2008

Childhood photos with honest captions

Inspired by Baywatch's post.

I know it's completely the wrong holiday and all, but I've always loved this particular photo for the caption on the back, written in my grandfather's distinctive scrawl:

[Bluestem] trägt die Ostereier von denen sie später krank wurde. Ostern 1972

([Bluestem] carrying the Easter eggs from which she later became sick. Easter 1972)

There's something very blunt and direct in the Germanic psyche that cannot be overlooked. Some stereotypes exist for a reason.


arlopop said...

I especially like the Vanna White presentation positioning. Very spokesmodelly

Kate said...

How much do you look like Nea there?! Wow.

Baywatch said...

That's Crazy Good! Entarte Kunst!