Monday, January 26, 2009

Monsanto sucks

Sorry, y’all, it’s mini-soapbox time. If you already hate Monsanto, skip ahead to figure out where to buy your veggie and flower seeds this year. And yes, it is nearly that time of year – can you believe it?

I’ll be brief. The two major reasons why you should go out of your way not to buy from Monsanto:

  • Their toxic waste dumping has created more than 50 Superfund sites. Does the movie Silent Spring ring a bell? That’s them, among other companies.
  • They genetically engineer seeds to not reproduce normally, forcing farmers to buy new seed every year (which is directly responsible for thousands of suicides in India, as they are ruined economically)

And then there’s the little stuff, like child labor and false advertising.

The big companies to AVOID include: Burpee, Gardens Alive, Jungs, Spring Hill, Breck’s, and Wayside Gardens. (full list on here)

According to the nice people at, these seed companies are free of Monsanto ties.

Sand Hill Preservation Center
Seeds of Change
Seed Saver's Exchange
Renee's Garden
Baker Creek Seed Co.
Peaceful Valley Farm Supply
Abundant Life Seeds
Underwood Garden Seeds
Bountiful Gardens
Kitchen Garden Seeds
High Mowing Seeds
Garden City Seeds
Mountain Rose Herbs
Southern Exposure
Amishland Seeds
Tiny Seeds
Local Harvest
Heirloom Seeds
Fedco Seed Co.
Diane's Flower Seeds
Wood Prairie Farm
Victory Seeds
Wildseed Farms
Horizon Herbs
Heirlooms Evermore Seeds
Richters Herbs
Lake Valley Seeds
Organica Seed

Read more from Sourcewatch and Vanity Fair, if you are interested.


arlopop said...

thanks for the heads up, and if you want another reason to hate monsanto just read some Pollan.

mtrudy said...

thanks for the seed company list. i knew quite a few of them, but like to get as much info as possible. and monsanto is so evil it is scary. i'm a beginning organic farmer and it worries me how much monsanto controls our government. i'll be doing my part to battle them. thanks!

Tom M. said...

Yes, Monsanto gives evil corporations a bad name :)

Absolutely abominable... How can anyone be a part of that organization (did you know- Donald Rumsfeld and Clarence Thomas)? I don't understand how greed can blind these people to the magnitude of damage they are doing.

For a good summary of the wonderful things they've given (sold, inflicted upon) us such as agent orange, pcbs, aspartame, roundup, GMO, assault on organic farming, patenting the food supply and controlling it, and on and on see this page:

And check out some great documentaries (all free to watch):

The World According to Monsanto

The Future of Food

The Corporation

Hate's a strong word, but.......