Friday, August 8, 2008

Garage sale score!

Boo’s birthday is coming up and I was getting a little worried. Not much in the gift closet to pull out. Not a whole lot of good ideas percolating for cheap yet awesome prezzies. Then BAM, today N and the girls drop me off on the way home at a garage sale that had already been going on for at least 6 hours. I’m not expecting much, but hey, it’s worth a look. The guy has a 10 pound box (he weighed it) of Playmobil toys that he’s asking $30 for. Take a look at eBay. Go ahead. I’ll wait. (Those are actual items in this box!)

Yeah, that’s an amazing deal. So naturally I offer $25 and practically run away with it, zigzagging with my loot under the hot sun.


Kate said...

Score! This just confirms my opinion that you have fantastic shopping karma. You're like a shopping Brahmin.

Perhaps I should be rethinking my birthday present, eh?

Wolfgang said...

You, scoring big at a garage sale? I am once again floored.

I tell you, it's genetic (but hurray for the indian village!).