Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ah the harvest

[today's butternut squash]

Like most totally rabid insane people with a hardcore hobby, I don’t understand people who don’t partake of my interest. I speak, of course, of my veggie gardening obsession. Why wouldn’t you want to grow your own food? Why wouldn’t you want to feed your kids the healthiest organic-ist freshest vegetables? Eating locally important to you, as an environmentalist? What’s more local than your own raised bed?

I know it has made a big difference for Boo, having her own plot. She has eaten more tomatoes this year than your average ketchup-consuming child. Our green beans, they squeak with freshness! The zucchini, they are gobbled up as pancakes! And cherry tomatoes are lovingly offered to playmates. And rejected by them, but that’s not my point.

So, as all good hobbyists, here are some photos of my own special craziness. Forgive me as I burst with pride.

Obviously this is only a representative sample. My best guess is that I'm harvesting at least $5 of organic produce per day. Strange how I don't have a single photo of the gorgeous swiss chard or kohlrabi.

7-20 - includes first potato

7-27 First onion! First carrot!

8-1 Rest of onions

8-12 Mmmm ... green beans

8-15 Robbed some more potatoes

8-19 I love veggies


Wolfgang said...

That is full of awesome WIN!

However, I must lodge a formal protest about your snubbing of the kohlrabi lobby... Is there no love for them? None at all?

Baywatch said...

you are awash in earthly riches!

Bella Casa said...

Everything looks too beautiful to eat! I grew a few tomato plants but they all came out kind of sour tasting this year.

I found you by clicking on 'decorating' in my blogger profile. I also saw "Apraxia" in your profile...My oldest son was in PPI as a preschooler, so most of our kids were in speech therapy and so I know a little bit about apraxia.

Nice to meet you :)