Thursday, January 31, 2008


Making resolutions at the start of the year is for amateurs. Watch what happens if you wait a few weeks….

#1: Fix Nea’s IEP. Well, now that I get daily reports on what she does at school, I’m already feeling better. Plus, as of yesterday she says “cheese.” Seriously. “Cheese.” I want to teach her the Wallace and Gromit double hand gesture that goes with it. But, yes, we need better goals.

#2: Get the kids’ German passports. I plan to do this sometime this summer.

#3: Find families near us that have an established network of social events that we can jump in, so the kids will at least get a chance to hear other kids speak German. DONE! I met the aide in Nea’s class that I’ve been hearing about. She speaks German to Nea sometimes. So, I make nicey nice and wah-la. Instant network.

#4: Figure out our basement plans. DONE! This wasn’t even a topic of conversation 4 weeks ago. All of a sudden, there are new blueprints on the coffeetable every evening. Laundry area, spa (full bathroom with sauna), craft area, exercise area, storage, workroom. Still waiting for my free radon tester. Plus there’s still some kitchen wrap-up to do. But I've never lived in a house with a finished (or really partially finished) basement. Sounds kinda exciting.

So, there you have it, folks. If you wait a month to make your resolutions, you can be 50% finished by the end of January.

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