Monday, January 7, 2008

Oy, the sick

We almost pulled a full Stonebraker. I believe the definition of a full Stonebraker is when all family members over the age of 3 are violently puking on the same day. Sadly, N doesn’t allow himself to vomit, so we will have to continue our sad little existence, knowing that we have only achieved a mediocre partial Stonebraker.

But we’re getting better!


Kate said...

Of course I must comment on this one. Glad we still hold the record. At least I think I'm glad.

So do I take this to mean that you DO allow yourself to vomit? How weak-willed of you! Do you need any applesauce and/or ginger ale dropped off on your front step by kindly friends in HazMat suits?

Bluestem said...

Well, I'm certainly stronger willed than either of my wimpy kids! One of whom is still throwing up. What a wuss.

No, we're good, thanks. Plenty of oatmeal, applesauce, hooch, etc. still available here at Chez House.