Thursday, June 11, 2009

Twelve years ago my dad had his first heart attack. When he called and asked me what he should do about his chest pains, I said, "Call 911." Later I found the piece of paper he'd written it down on. I spent the next 20 minutes wandering around my condo, wondering what I needed to bring to the hospital. I ended up bringing a few books.

I have a deep automatic response to the information that someone will be lying around doing nothing for a few days. The response is to supply the affected with reading material. Much of my hoarding behavior is centered around making sure I have just the right reading material at hand for any given scenario. Too tired to continue a novel? Try an aged newspaper! Newspaper too unwieldy in bed? Maybe a nice magazine! etc.

Speaking of magazines, I, like many people, have trouble getting rid of magazines once they are in the house. So glossy! So I've come up with the perfect solution. I check them out of the library. Our library carried all the good leftist rags (Mother Jones, Mother Earth News, Organic Gardening) and as far as I noticed, none of the right. I'm really enjoying trying new ones and returning them after three weeks. Why, it's brilliant, this library idea. Ours also has Wii games. Truly magical.


Shea's Mom said...

Me too. I have my books stacked high and a good pile of mags in the car for ferry rides.

I let all my good lefty political mags go and read that stuff on the internet.

But, the only mag I can't live without is The SUN. I love that mag.

Hilts said...

I really can't even leave the house w/out a small book or @ least the sports section so I can ponder the standings and league leaders and all the other statistics. IS a good thing, but can also be a hassle. Nice that the sports section can be folded up nice.

Baywatch said...

the "pocketbook" first became popular with the rise of railway travel.