Monday, December 15, 2008

Girl talk

Well, it’s product endorsement time here at Haus der Bluestem. It’s been nearly a year since I switched to a menstrual cup. Yes, that’s right. A reusable cup. And here’s why:
  1. Cheaper
  2. Better for the environment
  3. Tampons kinda gross me out. I mean, why are they bleached with chemicals? Who exactly cares?
  4. Less fuss (less leaking, 12-24 hours with no changes needed)
  5. Made in Canada
I am happy to report that my diva cup is serving me well. Very comfortable, pretty easy to figure out, etc.

There's a TON of info online here. Is the Internet not a wonder? They are $18.55 on Amazon.

If you are interested, please ask me any questions you might have.


Hilts said...

well well well:

Bluestem said...

Well, you know all women cycle together, even if they have never met.

Kate said...

All hail the Diva! I cannot speak too highly of her.

Baywatch said...

wow, suddenly, i feel way okay about my overshares. god bless you and your menstrual cup, bluestem!