Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Photo Quiz Answer

Well, I guess Tacoma, WA needs to work on ye olde tourist trade, as no one recognized my quiz photo from the other day. My other guess was that someone would figure out it was Dale Chihuly and some sort of civic building and google it, but it was a stretch. Anyway, the correct answer was “Union Station, in Tacoma, WA” – a place where N’s love of trains and my love of glass intersect. Actually, it was a train station, and now it’s a federal courthouse. Since 1992, they tell me.

So, yes, the second I heard Tacoma had a Museum of Glass, I was dead set on going. It was lovely. Glaaaasss. Then we walked over the Bridge of Glass to Union Station. The art museum is right there, too, but with the kids in tow, we took a pass. They had been so good – why ruin it?

Long story short: if you are in Seattle or thereabouts, take a day trip to Tacoma! On the way there, stop and see some tiny trees. I love tiny trees.

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