Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wherein I pretend to be athletic

OK, so, Saturday I ran the Easter Seals 5K. Beautiful weather. Perfect conditions for self-inflicted torture.

I reminded myself at the beginning that it’s important not to start too fast, so I was one of the last down the road. Chug chug chug. Huff puff. I was running 12 minute miles when I hit the 2 mile marker. Only a little over one mile left. I took stock. I decided I could push myself a little. So, I actually passed a few people on my last mile, which clocked in at under 10 minutes. Not blistering, but pretty good for me. Did the whole thing in 34 minutes and change. I’ve been waiting for Easter Seals to put up the results, but I don’t think they have yet.

Also, Boo walked the whole 2 mile course with her friend Madeline! Not too shabby.

Thanks to those of you who donated! We appreciate it, and we know that it will be used to help those in need of physical, occupational, and speech therapy. You can donate anytime. I will continue to donate funds from the Amazon link through the end of May.

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