Thursday, May 8, 2008


God, I love this country. Sure, our president supports torture and is generally a total dipshit, but TODAY! Today I went online and pre-ordered a sandwich from Potbelly’s, strolled over and picked it up, and was back at my desk surfing the 'net without any annoying “waiting for the sandwich to be made” time.

It’s conveniences like these that make this country great.


Kate said...

I still maintain that the bread at Potbelly's is too hard to chew. That is unAmerican. Food should be soft and easy on the teeth.

Like Chipotle. Now if I could just stroll over to Chipotle everyday at lunch, I'd - well, I'd just stroll on over there. Just like that.

Also, if you ask for a "side of rice and beans" at Chipotle, they charge you like 70 cents. Healthy for children, and easy to chew. Unlike Potbelly's, where your kids can't bite into the bread. Which, again, not my idea of patriotic. Or impactful, for that matter.

Kate said...

But I do respect your choice to eat at Potbelly's. Because that is what America is all about. Freedom to eat a sandwich. Yeah!

Steve said...

I recall the Chipotle fax form being a powerful ally back when I worked down in the deep dark canyons of the Loop.

Oddly, my sodium intake is way down since those days.