Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ohmigod! Gas prices are, like, so insane!

Seems like everyone is bitching about the high gas prices. Except for us earthy crunchy types. Finally, Americans are learning how to conserve finite resources. Driving is way down. Smaller cars are selling briskly.

My little poll showed that gas prices are affecting many of us. My husband now carpools with 2 other coworkers, 50 miles roundtrip daily. I thought the day would never come.

I don’t drive much anyway, as I telecommute for work (or take the train when needed) and mostly walk to the kids’ schools, the library, the park, the grocery store. Now that I’m jogging regularly, I simply jog to the post office or some other practical destination.

Perhaps the two people who said “no lifestyle change” are already leading car-free lives. Maybe.


arlopop said...

as one of the "no lifestyle changes" voters, I'll explain that we trimmed our lives back a number of years ago and to be honest gas increases don't touch us. I fill my car no more than once every three months. Hell, I've put less than 90 miles on it in the last two months.

My wife's car is a hybrid we got last year and even she puts no more than 100 or so miles on it a month.

It just doesn't affect us... directly, that is.

I feel for those that have to commute, though.

Bluestem said...

Excellent, Arlopop! It never fails when I write a poll. There's always some option I didn't clarify.

I do think it's unfair that my hub's work moved further away. We didn't start out deciding on the Hell Commute.

Steve said...

We drive about 600 miles a month (averaged out, including summer travel) in a car that gets 35+ mpg, so we haven't changed our life style either (and responded thusly). The MIL still drives 7 miles each way to mall walk three or four times a week, too, which is an unfortunate non-changes since she drives an Aztek....