Monday, April 6, 2009

Upcoming IEP

Nea's IEP is coming up, April 17th. We will be petitioning to get her in the at-risk kindergarten readiness program, instead of starting kindergarten this fall. She needs another year, especially since her birthday is late June, which would make her one of the youngest if we sent her on time. So, I'm a nervous wreck.

Sometimes I think that I should stop blogging about apraxia altogether, since Rob over at
Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords says everything better than I ever could. And his kid doesn't even have apraxia!
Part of why I wanted to deliver this speech was to make the case that when empowered, special needs parents become a powerful force for change and progress. "No one is a quicker study," I said, "than the special needs parent." Julie and I couldn't help Schuyler much; we weren't qualified or trained to do so in a meaningful way. But without our persistence and our self-education and our willingness to be a pain in the ass when it was necessary, Schuyler wouldn't have been helped. She wouldn't have had the opportunity to become who she is today, and who she's going to be tomorrow, or in ten years.

And that's not because we're such swell parents and should be lauded for our efforts. It's because that's our job. And if you're a parent of a special needs kid? It's your job, too. If your kid gets into the finest program in the country, or if they end up in some awful place where they get parked in the corner and are simply fed and watered like a plant until they turn seventeen, the fact remains that eventually, they won't be anyone's responsibility but your own.

And when the school can look up at your kid, shrug and say "Not my problem", you as a parent had better not be standing there thinking that it's time for you to get involved. Because by then, it'll be too late. You will have squandered your opportunity to save your child, and you will get to take over the feeding and watering and regretting the wasted years.
from Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords

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