Thursday, April 16, 2009

Funniest email exchange I’ve had in years

Backstory: our private preschool is having the worst lice incident in over 20 years. The director sent out a 5-page mailing with lice facts, history of this school’s current problem, and a newly revised lice policy, which has been approved by the school’s board. While visiting my friend Kate, we had discussed how I was trying not to worry about having lice come home with Nea, but was quietly panicking, as I think is normal. I had then made a dumb joke about how it couldn’t possibly happen to us. Then I obsessed for a few days about how my close friend might have thought I was a bigoty jerk.

I'm sure I'm being silly, but you knew I was kidding when I said only poor and dirty people get lice, right? You seemed a little taken aback.

Not taken aback in the least. I came to terms long ago with your crude and ignorant personality. ;)

[ 3 days later ]
I'm crude and ignorant?! ** runs off crying **

Wow, I can't even send off my stupid jokes in a timely manner anymore.

Oh, yeah. Crude, ignorant, and sloooooow.

P.S. We do not have lice! Nea gets checked three times a week by a professionally trained teacher at school. Please do not cancel playdates based on this scary info.

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