Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The ones that live with us

Don't we all find it fascinating that we share our homes with animals? So many of us do. I'm allergic to everything furry, so it's fish around here. We have 2 angelfish, 2 pink thingies, 3 spotted catfish, 5 or 6 flashlight tetras, a large suckerfish (a per-something-bus, seen here front and center). I'm probably forgetting some. But the draw for most visitors are our live plants. Those are all real. Crazy, no?

N will have to comment on what we actually have. It's his hobby much more than mine.

Anyway, we recently added a snail. Nea calls him "Nail" and laughs in delight when he moves a few inches and licks the glass clean.

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Baywatch said...

mmmmm. pink thingies.