Sunday, September 14, 2008

Well-dressed at a faction of the cost

It’s officially rummage sale season again! Went to my favorite one on Friday and got an amazing pile for $87. And 25% of proceeds went to charity (a family shelter).

  • Hanna Andersson PJs, super cute, like new
  • Born shoes, all but new
  • A second set of winter boots for Nea, for when the nice ones are wet
  • A lovely like-new reversible vest for Boo
  • A fab reversible purple fuzzy side/satin side jacket, probably for Nea
  • Tons of long-sleeved t-shirts. Gap, Children’s Place, Gymboree, etc. etc.
  • Some great corduroy pants
  • A fleece Land’s End jacket for Boo
  • Sweaters from Land’s End and Talbots

And there’s another one coming up! That I totally shouldn’t go to!

God, I love the underground economy. If I’d bought this stuff new, the sales tax would practically have been half that much. Viva la subversive children’s clothing!


Kate said...
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Bluestem said...

Thanks, Kate! :-) Love, your friend *"Bluestem"*

arlopop said...

what was that about?

Steve said...

What did I miss?

Fine job on the hunting of the bargains. And the charity angle!

Bluestem said...

I know, I know. Having an anonymous blog is tiresome in many ways. Yet I have a few small rules I cling to. No real names, no exact location, no photos that reveal our faces, no child pornography, no ratting out my husband for saying bad things about his employer. *oops* I've said too much.