Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rolling with the punches

Well, the school thing has been going pretty well. Assuming the weather is nice, Boo takes her Razor scooter to school in the morning, and I push Nea in the jogging stroller. When school is over, I drive around and collect them.*

And yet, here’s today, a lovely sunny day:

2:45 pm “Pick up kids!” I decide that seems wise.
2:48 pm I ascertain that that strange noise is the minivan, driving on a flat.
2:50 pm I am calm, cool, and collected on my bike. Have my own helmet and Nea’s.
3:00 pm Pick up Nea at first school. Start off to school #2.
3:15 pm Tell Boo she’ll have to walk home, next to me walking my bike. Boo whines. Neighbor offers to drive her home. Seems like a good idea, I think.
3:25 pm I beat neighbor back to my house, heh heh. I give her some tomatoes for the favor.

And while we were waiting for Boo, Nea went into the garage to get the bicycle pump and brought it around to the flat tire. Super cute!

* In order to not bore y’all, I’m skipping over putting Nea on the bus, walking Nea from private school to home, Oma taking the kids to school, and other permutations of our wacky schedule.

Oh, and by the way, Discount Tire fixed it for FREE. And we didn't even buy these tires there.

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