Friday, September 19, 2008

Apraxia progress

Yesterday Boo told me she had 6 papers in her backpack, and Nea piped up, “Ohn pay-pa!” (One paper in her backpack)

And today she told me what she wanted for lunch: “hah doe” (hot dog)

And this has nothing to do with her speech, but she just helped me dig up the rest of our potatoes in the garden and it was great fun. Us yelling at the ground, “Babies! Where are you? We want to EAT YOU!” Tonight we’re having my very tasty meatloaf (secret ingredient: vegetables) with crash hot potatoes. Don’t those sound amazing?

OK, we’re off to Easter Seals – taking the bike today!


arlopop said...

How old was Nea when she was diagnosed? What were the indications regarding the apraxia from your standpoint?

Bluestem said...

At 18 months she started receiving services from the state, as she was already behind in speech. Indications at that point were mostly lack of babbling and complete inability to form any words. Apraxia is usually not diagnosed until 3, but by then I had already googled enough to know that that diagnosis was a done deal.

Apraxia is very often associated with eating problems, and we were lucky in that regard. Many apraxic kids throw up at every meal once they start solids. Oral-motor planning can seriously affect swallowing skills.

I probably should answer your questions in a post. There's a lot to say.

arlopop said...
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arlopop said...

I ask because I have an old friend (we were sweethearts in high school) whose 5 year old was diagnosed at two with apraxia. Of late we have a minor concern that our daughter may have a problem. She doesn't display the classic symptoms: she babbled and eats normally, but she seems delayed, has problems with consonants to the point of non-existence, her passive skills are far more advanced than her brother's were at this age, but active communication consists of pointing and vowels. When she does use a consonant (very rare) she subs a "b" for a "p", which I understand is symptomatic.

It isn't a serious concern yet (she's only 20 months) but there just doesn't seem to be any progress at all. I should say my wife is far less concerned than I. She thinks she will come around and she's probably right, but I was just curious at what age you had sensed it and how.

Thanks Stemmy

Kate said...

Go Nea!! T was right when he announced that she was finding her voice!

And go potatoes! They look absolutely delectable.