Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thrifty parenting

I went downtown with the kids today. We took the train. Kids ride free all summer on Metra – did you know that? I didn’t. The conductor never came to collect my fare, either. So, that was free. Then N picked us up, since he worked a half day. We parked by Buckingham Fountain and ate the picnic I had packed. The meter was broken, so that was free. We drove to Navy Pier and parked. Went to the Children’s Museum, which is free for my company’s employees. We then went to the Shanghai Circus - Gold show, also free, through someone at N’s work (let me know if you want the info). Spent $6.50 on healthy snacks there (popcorn, cotton candy). Paid $16 on parking.

So, we saved:
$3 (train)
0.50 (parking meter)
$36 (Children’s Museum)
$75 (Shanghai Circus – Gold)
$114.50 TOTAL

And spent just over $20 for a lovely day downtown.

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Steve said...

You remind me of my mom. Except for the part where you didn't manage to get EVERYTHING for free!