Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I know I talk too much about Nea on this blog and not enough about Boo. That’s because Boo is a normal going-on-6 year old, who doesn’t cause me anxiety attacks. So, here’s what Boo is up to these days:

  • She is a monkey on the flying trapeze of our playset. She does amazing tricks all day every day, unless she is inside playing with the dollhouse.
  • She wants to play “puppy” all day with Nea.
  • She wants to draw all day.
  • She bikes and scooters up and down the driveway all day. She’s now on a trail-a-bike thing when we do longer rides, which she really enjoys. She's so big!
  • She’s out of her pirate stage, and into Star Wars. She’s seen all 6 movies, and if you have a problem with that, go talk to N. It’s all his fault.

As you can see, that adds up to a lot more than a normal day’s worth of activity, which is why she’s so busy all the time.


Steve said...

But does Boo trouble you the way that my nephew does, by preferring the newest Star Wars films over the original three?

Kate said...

Can you please not call her an almost-6-year-old? That almost gave me a heart attach. A few more months of denial, please!