Thursday, June 12, 2008


A long time ago I was dating this guy, and when he dumped me, he said it was because I talked about my dreams too much. Eh. I’m thinking there were other problems in the relationship*, but I’ve shut up about my dreams since then. Even though they are often amusing. And since you can ignore me here if I’m boring you, I’ll just take a minute to recount the themes of my dreams in the last 15 years or so.

Back when I was single, my main two bad dream scenarios were elevators and teeth. Each dream was different, but featured either unsafe elevators or teeth breaking/falling out/bending. In my very last elevator dream, someone asked whether I wanted to take the elevator and I looked at the rusty, rickety thing and said, “No, I think I’ll take the stairs. I have bad elevator dreams.”

For incredibly obvious reason, the last seven years have featured old houses with major problems. Either huge holes in the floors, or more interestingly, extra stories or rooms. Once an extra roommate in an extra wing. Now that our real house is essentially finished, those dreams have tapered off, too.

Now my only reoccurring dream is losing Nea. As in, she runs off when I’m not paying attention. Recently I woke up and she was right next to me, but I still felt like she was missing and I should be panicky, as I’d just been in the middle of losing her in my dream.

*Ha! JMP, do I hear you giggling?

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Anonymous said...

this is from the dream encyclopaedia
Going up in an elevator means rising consciousness or status. Elevators are quite threatening. They could fall and also you're extremely close to people you don't know.
Teeth, an issue one can "sink one's teeth in, also loss of power or control over life circumstances.
You're lucky to be aware of your dreams. A lot of people aren't.
I occasionally have dreams about people coming into my house without my permission and running wild.
Control, control, control