Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What parenting a special needs child feels like

I know, I know. It could be so much worse. She's only apraxic. She'll probably talk some day. Regardless. It could also be easier. Much easier.

"You have a candle, but no matches. You have a key, but no door. While you are negotiating this maze, you run into people who also have candles and keys and are also looking for doors. Some have candles that are lit and help light the way for you. Other times, you turn a corner and your candle is blown out by a breeze. Sometimes you find a door, but have the wrong key -- Be assured that you will always find someone with a candle and you will eventually find the right door."
Holly Olmsted-Hickey

I was just telling someone that one of the apraxia yahoo groups I belong to is composed of, apparently, thousands of parents, all of whom are yelling into the abyss at each other, "Help me! Help me!" So that quote came at a particularly appropriate time in my life. It might so hokey to you, but it's true from where I'm standing.

And just when you feel depressed enough about how all this is going, you find a comic strip that depresses you for what the future could hold. The storyline runs from June 18-28 (skip Sundays).

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