Friday, December 21, 2007

Planning next year’s garden

New for next year: Potatoes, peapods, and green beans. I hear potatoes are a breeze. You start the plants and then keep putting more soil on them all season. Since we have tons of compost, should be easy. And we have some extra wire fencing that should work fine.

Nea loves peas, so that’s the motivation there. Boo got a plant that they started from seed at her preschool, and we enjoyed eating the pods straight off the plant all summer. However, one little plant was obviously not enough for a family of 4.

The only reason I want to do green beans is that I tried my aunt’s homegrown marinated green beans last summer, and I am hooked. Such a great lunch – the beans, fresh bread with butter, maybe some fruit. Very German.

Not doing again: Sweet potatoes. I bought slips for around $12 and got maybe $4 of product.

Natural pest control: N spotted a coyote in front of the neighbor’s house last night, so that explains the reduction in bunnies this year. If I could figure out what was eating my butternuts, that would be helpful. We know there are opossums, raccoons, bunnies, mice, chipmunks, and squirrels around. It’s like living in a damn Varmint Nirvana.

I’m not even sure I can grow squash again because once the varmints figured out the seeds in there were tasty, that was the end of that. Or I’ll have to cover each squash with a wire cage or something ridiculous like that.

Space issues: We started with a 12x12 bed. Then this year we added an 8x8 bed. The potatoes won’t be in there (they’ll be behind the garage), and I’ll have all the space available that those spacehog sweet potatoes used last year. So, will that leave enough room for the beans and peas? Probably. I’ll have to research bush beans versus climbing beans. Plus maybe I can sneak a few plants in behind the peach tree, where there’s lots of sun. I have had various plants over there before and they never get watered enough. But next year will be different! Next year I’ll force the kids to help more! That’s why we had them!

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