Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More apraxia news

Here's a school essay Nea did recently. Starting sentence ... "The other night I saw a twinkling star. I closed my eyes to make a wish. I wished that …"

(Nea's writing, as written)

Mom had a baby brutr for me. Baby are cute. I want hem to play with me. I will halp hem got the toys. I like baby bos to slep in my rom. I wile want to haf a baby bruthr.
(Nea's writing, translated)
Mom had a baby brother for me. Babies are cute. I want him to play with me. I will help him get the toys. I like baby boys to sleep in my room. I really want to have a baby brother.

In completely unrelated news, Nea lost three teeth in the last week. She looks like a hillbilly. Photo evidence provided. For a child that didn't get her first tooth until she was 14 months old, she's catching up pretty well.

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Dawn said...

smart girl! I totally got it without the translation.