Sunday, July 4, 2010

Photo evidence

You know, in case you don't really believe me when I talk about this "garden" I "work" on and "enjoy" so "much."
The main garden, overview. In the forefront, what's left of the Three Sisters, namely the hubbard squash. Under them, strawberry plants.
Now panning in sections from right to left...

On the left is the red orache, at full height of four feet. In the foreground one giant massive plant, aka yellow summer squash, with zucchini next to it. Behind them, 5 tomato plants. Behind them, very successful raspberry bushes (barely visible).
Some overlap with previous photo, but here we see the small brussel sprout plants in the left coldframe, asparagus plants (which look like wispy ferns) in the background. Insane oregano and chives in the front of photo.

Left front, tiny basil and swiss chard. Then giant peas, with the out of control cukes behind. Another 8 tomato plants. Parsley going to seed in front right. What a wall of green.

Container with a tomato plants and two eggplants. Behind are the windowboxes with lettuce.
Part of compost bin on left. Potatoes and winter squash growing on the ground. Pole beans growing up side of garage. Nea ate about 15 green beans yesterday! Hurrah!


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Steve said...

Can your land be rezoned as agricultural? Might lower your property tax rate! :)

Laura said...

AWESOME!!! I know where to sneak when I want a fresh local snack ;)

dining set said...

That is the evidence that you have a great talent in gardening. We can see it in your photos. Your plants are so healthy and they are growing so well.