Sunday, January 31, 2010

Need an otorhinolaryngologist?

Nea's main doctor is an Ear, Nose, Throat doctor. You could call him an otorhinolaryngologist, but then you'd have to go lie down awhile with a cool compress to recover. So we mostly call him Dr. Schubkegel, because that's easier. We say it the German way, because we are unable to say it any other way. I should ask him sometime how he says it, and whether he speaks German. And what exactly is a Schubkegel? A push-bowling pin, sort of, it seems. I don't know what that is, either.

So. Back to what I was saying. There's several reasons why he is her main doctor. One of them is that she's had a lot of ear infections. Another reason is that we went to our main pediatrician's office three years ago when Nea was very sick, and the idiot (whose name may or may not be Dr. Jentel, for legal purposes) we saw missed her pneumonia. That doctor said she had an ear infection. Which she did, actually. We went to Schubkegel that same day and luckily he was paying attention. She was a very very sick girl.

I'm ashamed to say, the first time I took Nea to see Dr Schubkegel, I told him that I'd help hold Nea's hands down, so he could look into her ears. He pshawed at me and gained her trust instead. He's been our Main Guy ever since. If we bring in a teddy bear he offers to check the bear first. We don't even have to ask. The only thing he could do to be more perfect would be to quote a Sesame Street book we have (Farley Goes to the Doctor) and say, "Fuzzy. Normal for a bear." after checking Pink Bear, but, you know, he's a busy man. I'll let it slide.

We are currently on the fence about getting Nea's tonsils out. I'm not particularly looking forward to it, but I hear it'll cure her apraxia. Just kidding. But she has had multiple tonsil infections that have been slow to respond to antibiotics, she's missing quite a bit of school, and she's generally under the weather much too often. Also, it would help with the ear infections. On the other hand, um, surgery.

So, in summary, five stars: Dr Andrew Schubkegel: (630) 495-6000, Oakbrook Terrace, IL


Handy diet tip, in case you need one.
Step 1: Do a Google image search for "infected tonsils."
Step 2: Never feel hungry again.

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