Sunday, January 3, 2010

Free! Free! Free!

2010 is really shaping up to be a great freebie year. On January 1st a friend said, "My sister's boyfriend trashpicked these seeds. Would you like some?" And 20 seed packages marked "for 2009" were mine, bwah ha ha! Including cukes and carrots, which I needed. And some things I didn't need, but will use, like Golden Hubbard Squash ("up to 10 pounds each!"). And four kinds of lettuce, now that I'm a big lettuce-growing convert.

Then yesterday the in-laws said we could have their treadmill. We have been putting together a home gym on the cheap for awhile now, and this will complete our set-up. We have a recumbent bike from a friend (thanks again, Kate!) and a fancy weight bench with a bunch of big weights from Craigslist for fairly cheap ($150). N bought a couple of kettlebells
because he's insane. Meaning he has never thrown out his back and is willing to use those things.

And this is exciting because, well, I'm gearing up for a sprint triathlon this summer. "What?!", you say. Yeah, me too. The one I'm eyeing most seriously is a 750m swim - 22.8k bike - 5k run course. Oy, I'm sure I've never swum so far ever. The run and bike should be fine. Right now I'm running outside as weather permits (it was 6 degrees this morning. That's a no-go.), using the recumbent bike in the basement, and finding a pool locally that I can pay-per-use starting in March.

I will not be updating weekly (as I did last summer) as it is boring for all of us. However, if I fall off my training plan and/or don't actually do the race, I will certainly come here and confess. Here's to a healthy 2010! Not like those last few months of 2009! Which were sucky, health-wise.

Today? Nothing free so far. But there's a few hours left. And in a little bit another friend is handing off 3 yogurts they don't like. That probably counts. Free food, hurrah!

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