Thursday, September 10, 2009

Relaxing at home, just me and my PTO

I decided in mid-August to take this week off from work. It's important to schedule vacation time at my company ahead of time, so it's in the work plan and all that. We've been on reduced hours for at least a year now, but we have quite a bit of PTO (Corporate Speak: Planned Time Off*, which includes sick time and vacations. How sick days can be planned has never been made clear. Anyway, it's a great system for healthy people.), so it doesn't affect me much.

So, Monday was Labor Day, and I spent the day sick in bed with a cold. I still feel like crap today, but have been slogging through my To Do list in a Germanic fashion regardless. In my typical ridiculous way, my week off had two objectives:
  • Objective #1: Meet and talk with all our teachers and specialists, now that Nea is at a new school (our home school).
  • Objective #2: Work through and eliminate the piles of papers in our house that never get addressed.
Let's first turn our attention to #1. I have 1.5 days left, so it's still IN PROGRESS, but the schedule is:
  • Meet with speech therapist.
  • Meet with occupational therapist.
  • Meet with Modified Instructional Program (MIP) teacher.
  • Volunteer in Nea's mainstream classroom.
  • Volunteer in Boo's classroom (twice).
  • Added bonus: Attend parent's version of the sexual abuse prevention program, which the first graders will receive next week.
Did I mention I'm sick? Anyway, I think we can all agree I have met objective #1 with an astonishing, resounding, overwhelming PASS.

I'll get back to you on Objective #2 some other time. I have to go rest. I'm sure it'll happen! Maybe tomorrow! I still have time. Right? Am I right?
*ETA: I just realized (an hour later) that it actually stands for Paid Time Off, which makes more sense. I'm too lazy to rewrite the paragraph, so I'll just mention my error here.

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