Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh, how convenient!

So we've had the Vantage Lite for three weeks or so now. We're still getting used to it. Still waiting for training from the school's augmentative communications department. I figured out how to edit it today. I added Nea's favorite button from her last talker (aka the doorstop): My sister's name is (Boo).

Something struck me when we first started looking around the menus and such. Can you find it in the photo below?

(I know it's a bit hard to see. There's a larger photo at the bottom of this post.)

Yeah. Imagine. What a world we live in when the communications device companies whore themselves out to the fast food companies. Unbelievable. Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall for that meeting? What do you pay to product placement yourself on a comm device? And the bubbly parents: "She can't say much, but boy, she sure figured out how to ask for shit on a bun quickly, didn't she? Our little angel! Naturally we take her whenever she asks. It's what she wants!"

Can you tell we don't do much fast food around here? Actually, this week was pretty exciting because I decided to make it my goal to have a vegetable garden planted at our grade school next spring. A friend of mine wants to overhaul the school lunch program. Naturally these two goals dovetail nicely. The PTA meeting is tomorrow, so I hope to meet the head of the recently resurrected garden club. And the head of the wellness committee.

It appears from this week's email trail that my goal won't be nearly as difficult as I first thought. Others are also interested in growing food on school property. The kids will learn about nutrition, science, cooking, gardening.


Shea's Mom said...

Wow Bluestem. I am disgusted with you. Not are your idea of the garden at the school - Love it! Good enough for Michelle Obama? Good enough for your school.

But, I am sick to death how crap food creeps into the our line of vision even when we don't eat it.

Have they no shame., not a bit.

Good luck at the meeting. You go, girl.


Anonymous said...

Ok a little freaked out by the food here. And if they are doing placement the box should be a hell of a lot cheaper


Laura said...

What no Trader Joe's button??? Ugh!

Baywatch said...

that is seriously creepy. can you edit those buttons off of there?

Anonymous said...

Is there a button that asks which toy McDonald's has right now. I mean really, how are they supposed to decide what to have for lunch if they don't know what toy Burger King has vs. McDonald's?

so wrong. so very very wrong. now the Starbucks button, that's useful. :)