Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Apraxia Handouts

For those of us with kids (with apraxia, obviously. Otherwise that would be weird.) starting school, here are some new handouts that might be useful. The first one made me cry. Of course.

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Nea started Kindergarten today. She was fine. It went well. I had forgotten over the summer what a punch in the gut it is when I ask her how her day was, and she can't tell me.

But she is stringing together more and more words. A few days ago she said, "No, Papa bru air." (Papa brush hair.) And on the way home from our trip to Minnesota she said, "O-mo dere?" (Almost there?) a bunch of times. Totally cute. And today she said, "No spiel ou-dide, rain" (No playing outside. Rain.)


Shea's Mom said...

Thanks Bluestem.

These are great! I am printing them out for Shea's new teacher.

What would I do without my excellent mommy blogger pals?


Shea's Mom said...

PS - I cried too.

And, hurray! Those words are coming. I am so happy for you guys!

Beth's Brood said...

Love the letters! Congrats on the first day of Kindergarten!