Sunday, November 9, 2008

The siren's call of the opinion page

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I have enjoyed political cartoons since way, way back. I remember not understanding a lot of them. I also read Mike Royko from when I was old enough to read until his death (in 1997, Goz). Since having kids, though, I stepped back from staying as informed as I had been. A big part of that, of course, was bringing kids into the post-9/11 world. Being a parent is terrifying enough when your country isn’t the target of the crazies.

But now! Now is an exciting time to start paying attention again. Here’s a good source for your daily fix, if you enjoy them, too. And I've vowed to start listening to more NPR again.

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Tish said...

That explains why we're friends! I used to read Mike Royko when I was in 3rd grade! The other little kids wondered why the hell I called them "stupid lazy Grabowskis...."